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Woodstock 50 is turning into Fyre Festival 2.0

Words by Nathan Irvine

Where's Andy King when you need him?

It was billed as a celebration for the 50th anniversary of the original. But Woodstock 50 seems to have more in common with the infamous and more recent Fyre Festival. The troubled event has had to switch venue from New York to the less glamorous Maryland. And in doing so, Woodstock 50's organisers have had to release ALL of the artists from the original contract.

As a result, Jay-Z will no longer headline one of the dates. And its expected that a whole host of other artists will drop out of the August 16-18 festival. A salvage job is expected from those running the show, but there are no guarantees the likes of Miley Cyrus, The Killers or Robert Plant will show up.

John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival - who played the original Woodstock in '59 - has pulled out of the upcoming event. He's planning his own celebration gig in New York.

Free for all

In a move seemingly designed to keep interest up, Woodstock 50 may be free to attend. Sources close to the organisers told entertainment site TMZ that this is an option. VIP tickets will still be on-sale, but the masses just may be able to see, erm, and empty stage for free.

Since the Fyre Festival documentary hit Netflix, there seems to be a spate of disastrous events making the headlines. In June 2019, Belgium show VestiVille was canned as festival goers entered the gates. It was deemed a security risk by Belgian officials and left many stranded.

Who knew organising a festival for thousands of people, with high profile artists performing could be so tricky, eh?


Woodstock 50 has been officially cancelled. Here's looking forward to Woodstock 60 instead.

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