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We just ate the best burger in Dubai

Words by Rob Chilton

It's been 36 hours and we cannot stop thinking about it

A couple of nights ago Pulp Fiction popped up on TV. I’ve seen it multiple times, of course, but I decided to have a quick look, you know, just for five minutes. Two hours later I was glued to the couch, watching Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece that is – frighteningly – now 25 years old.

My favourite scene? Tough one, there are so many. But the bit where Samuel L. Jackson as Jules takes a bite of a Big Kahuna sandwich and declares, “This is a tasty burger!” is near the top.

Watching the scene stirred my gastric juices and pretty soon I was scrolling burger options on Deliveroo. I landed on Pickl. Ah yes, I had heard about this place: JLT, homemade pickles, potato buns (made with potato flour for a softer, creamier, gluten-free munch), secret sauce. Add to basket.

This is the best burger in Dubai

A double cheeseburger (AED 45), chicken tenders (AED 18) and some skinny fries (AED 15) arrived in one of those tall, American-style, grocery bags. I pushed pause on Uma Thurman’s ketchup joke, opened the box, picked up the pleasingly weighty burger and took a bite. It was like the moment where Jules’s partner Vincent Vega (John Travolta) opens the briefcase and gazes in awe at the mysterious golden glow inside.

What. A. Burger.

Juicy, silky beef, seasoned to perfection; pickles with a sharp, vinegary twang; a sauce that hovered somewhere between tomato and ranch with just the right hit of sweetness; melted cheese. It all added up to burger delirium.

Chicken tenders are a solid Plan B at Pickl

The Pulp Fiction burger scene replayed in my head as I gobbled up the succulent and spicy chicken tenders and crunchy yet fluffy fries. But it's the cheeseburger that I have thought about every 30 minutes for the last two days.

The Pickl DBL cheeseburger is a thing of culinary beauty and, without doubt, the best burger being served in Dubai right now – Jules would love it.

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