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Top tips to shave like a pro

Words by Rob Chilton

Prep your skin and use the right kit for a smooth finish

We start with an under-rated product that ensures a comfortable glide for your razor blade.


Shave after showering to relax the pores and massage pre-shave oil into your beard to soften the hair - AED 117


A layer of rich shaving cream protects the skin and helps the razor glide, therefore reducing razor burn - AED 117

Good soap and a sharp blade are essential


Using a brush to apply shaving cream not only generates a rich lather but also lifts the beard away from the skin and lessens the likelihood of trapped hairs - AED 287


Shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid irritation. Change your blade after about four shaves to prevent bacteria transmitting to your skin - AED 926

Grooming gear from Art of Shaving


A soothing alcohol-free aftershave balm closes pores after shaving, soothes any redness and hydrates the skin. Job done - AED 185

The Art of Shaving has a new store in The Dubai Mall

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