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Top 6 ways to make a successful bar

Words by Nathan Irvine

Tricks of the trade

Creating a top-notch bar is no mean feat. With hundreds of venues duking it out for your custom in most major cities around the world, the competition is fierce. And to stand out from the rest, you've really got to be on your game.

One such place that is certainly up for the fight is Galaxy Bar in DIFC. It placed at number 67 and was voted "one to watch" in The World's Top 50 Bars in 2020, but armed with a new drinks menu and with an even keener eye for creating a great customer experience, Galaxy Bar is hoping to make the list come December 7.

We spoke to Tashas Group founder, Tasha Sideris to find out the top 6 ways to make a successful bar.




A customer’s experience at a venue starts the moment they walk through the front door. The music selection, the quality of the sound system, the interior design, even something as small as the intensity of the lighting, determines the customer’s opinion of the space. They are all a combination of elements that, when artfully mixed, should produce a unique feeling. Take Galaxy Bar’s starry ceiling, for example. The designers created a very precise and bespoke light display which instantly creates a mesmerizing and intimate ambience that links directly to the theme.


Drink selection

A perfect drink selection takes you on a sensory journey and ideally matches with the ambience of the space. Each of our new signature cocktails at Galaxy Bar is an ode to a celestial being or constellation, inspired by the night skies above Athens. We have spent over a year perfecting the 12 new mixed beverages, all of which have been conceptualised with truly unique flavour combinations. The Greek amber spirit Metaxa is also a lasting source of inspiration for the team.


Staff and service

Genuine involvement and interest in one’s role can be a real game changer in the hospitality industry. We have the most incredible team whose experience, passion and constant striving for excellence constantly amazes me. Their generous and warm hospitality as well as their attention to detail is extraordinary. Having such dedication really makes the customer feel as though they are in capable hands.



The importance of the location of a venue is key. Assuring that you have ease of access to your venue, ample parking options and great visibility is essential. Galaxy Bar Being located next to Avli has wonderful benefits, including a shared kitchen. We are located in DIFC, which is a vibrant and very diverse location.


Bespoke factor

If you can believe it, when we were designing Avli, we thought about using the space that Galaxy Bar is in now, as dry storage for the restaurant. Thank goodness we had the inspired idea to create a bar and lounge instead. Having a bespoke factor is important to ensure you make your venue memorable. Needless to say, everything about Galaxy Bar is bespoke – from the Lemurian blue marble backdrop behind the bar with its flashes of light, to the velvet seating, to the ceiling with lights embedded to mimic the night skies of Athens.


Seating and comfort

No matter what the space of your venue, you must ensure that your guests are always comfortable. At Galaxy Bar, despite the small size of the space, we have given our guests a number of seating options. You can either sit at the bar and be entertained by our amazing bartenders. For a more intimate experience, you can have a seat on the banquette, the sofa or in the beautiful chairs that we had specially made – all bathed in luxurious blue velvet and trimmed in gold.

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