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Tom Hiddleston on fame, regret and Spandex

Words by Rob Chilton

The actor from War Horse, Avengers and Kong: Skull Island ponders life’s big questions

Hiddleston’s hero: Indiana Jones

The Brit began by revealing that life isn't all parties and movie sets.

On Daily Life:

“I live such a boring life. I just potter about, read books I’ve meant to read but haven’t had time, go for coffee, read the paper and hang out with my mum and dad.”

On Heroes: 

“I spent my childhood running around my parents’ living room pretending to be Harrison Ford on a horse, wearing a hat, with the Indiana Jones theme tune playing in the background.”

On Fame: 

“You can’t prepare yourself for loss of anonymity until it happens, so there’s no question that initially it’s confusing. But, I hasten to add, there’s nothing more boring than listening to actors whingeing about fame.”

On His Avengers Co-Stars:

“The first day of filming on The Avengers was one of the great moments of my life. A bunch of stonking great movie stars, all pointing and laughing at each other. ‘Look at you in your Spandex!’ ‘Well, look at you in your Spandex!’”

Larking about with Chris Hemsworth

On Exercise: 

“If I start the day with a run, I feel like I’m ahead of the day. It’s something to do with just being in the world and getting out of my own head.”

On His Avengers Character:

“Loki’s a character who doesn’t just stick his finger in the electrical plug socket, he burns the house down.”

Rubbing shoulders with Michael Kors and Kate Moss

On Values:

“I believe in kindness, bravery and courage, in being true to your word – very unfashionable, I know.”

On Regrets:
“I fear looking back and wishing I had done things I hadn’t.”

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