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Thomas Royall swimwear arrives exclusively on The EDGAR Store

Words by EDGAR

The swimwear brand that everyone is talking about

Thomas Royall, the luxury men's swimwear brand, has landed in Dubai. Exclusively stocked at The EDGAR Store, the British-based fashion house is going international with its latest wares, which are both comfortable and super-stylish. It's a combination that will keep you ahead of the fashion curve at your next beach, pool or boat party.

The shorts and shirt designs are created with fast drying fabrics to give men a unique look. Carefully crafted in a number of styles and offering bold colours and prints, Thomas Royall is instantly recognisable, and delivers a contemporary look for the modern man.

Such is the popularity of the brand, it's already a hit with celebrities and professional footballers alike.


Thomas Royall's dream team - Lauren Corbett, Francesca Ridgewell and Calum Best.

In Pictures. Thomas Royall



Thomas Royall Aqua butterfly


Thomas Royall Aqua butterfly


Thomas Royall Elephant jungle


Thomas Royall Thailand leopard


Thomas Royall Thailand leopard


Thomas Royall Botanical butterfly

Thomas Royall was acquired by Lauren Corbett and Francesca Ridgewell, and were recently joined by Calum Best as partner. But it's Dubai entrepreneur Kelly Hodgkin, who has recently joined Thomas Royall as Director, that you can thank for the must-have brand now being available in the Middle East.

We spoke to Kelly ahead of the big launch to find out a little bit more about Thomas Royall and how she balances a hectic work life and being a mother of three.


Thomas Royall Director, Kelly Hodgkin

What's the Thomas Royall difference and why should everyone be taking notice of the brand now?

Thomas Royall is a luxury brand at a great price. The feel of the swimwear, both when wet and dry, is exceptional, which makes the outfits incredibly versatile. It's an amazing brand worn, loved and trusted by many celebrities and I cannot wait to share it with the UAE market.

What does a typical day look like for you as a busy mum and business woman?

It's a whirlwind. I'm up at 6am to start the day with a training session to get the blood pumping. This is key towards having a great day. I then get the kids off to school, and check my schedule that's all planned out with meetings, castings, video conference and PR calls.  I have an office at home, which is both a blessing and a curse as I can be in there sometimes until late at night - long after the kids have gone to bed.

What's the key thing that separates a successful entrepreneur from the rest?

For me it's passion. You have to enjoy what you do and really feel a connection to it. I'd also say planning is a big thing too. A successful entrepreneur plans things out, has a timeline, a vision and executes it to perfection.

Shop the Thomas Royall range now.

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