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There's more to this Dubai gym than meets the eye

Words by Nathan Irvine

StudioRepublik is more than just a place to workout.

From the outside, StudioRepublik looks unassuming. But step inside the newly opened fitness facility on Sheikh Zayed Road and it opens up like Doctor Who's TARDIS. It's a cavernous space that has something new and impressive around every corner.

You see, as well as gym facilities with the latest and greatest equipment, there's also The Lab. This is the wellness aspect of StudioRepublik that helps to nurture and rehabilitate its members. The objective is to become an all-in-one health and fitness suite that can diagnose and cure all your fitness-related ailments.

For example, if you're suffering from an injury, you can make use of the private, much smaller gym under the careful eye of a trained sports therapist. This means you get focused advice and the chance to hobble around equipment without feeling like you're getting in the way.

StudioRepublik The vast communal area.


There's also what can only be described as an MOT for the body. You can use the 3D scanner to give you a warts and all image of your current body composition. Having been through the process, it's fairly daunting, but it's an uncompromising look at how you currently look. You can keep it private or share the info with a personal trainer who will guide you towards whatever goals you have.

The Lab also has a dieticians on site to give you bespoke advice on your calorie intake. This isn't a cookie-cutter approach, it's an actual detailed breakdown of what YOUR body needs more or less of.

There are physiotherapists on hand too. They have a room equipped with those yoga and pilates beds that come with cables and levers - y'know, the ones that look like medieval torture devices? Those things.

Equally as impressive as the vast amount of wellness options is the huge communal area complete with a cafe. It makes a perfect office for those who need to get back online quickly following a workout.

StudioRepublik really is impressive. And with plans to bring in medical professionals such as GPs and launch its own meal plan service, you really do get everything you need to stay healthy under one roof.

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