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The iconic film franchises coming to PS5 and Xbox

Words by Nathan Irvine

License to thrill

The start of a new generation of powerful consoles has ushered in a whole host of new, cutting edge tech. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X offer incredibly immersive experience, but, well, the current lineup of games is slightly poor. But there's hope on the horizon. And it comes in the shape of iconic movie licenses.

Previous movie-to-game efforts have been pretty awful. That's why GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 is still the best example despite it being released in 1997. But there's reason to be optimistic about these film franchises coming to PS5 and Xbox. Let's have a look at them and we'll explain why.

Project 007

James Bond has long been a license that movie and gaming fans have high hopes for. It has everything needed to make a great game. Stealth, espionage, car chases, gun fights - the lot. But like I said above, GoldenEye is the only title that has come close to delivering the thrills.

This is all set to change, thanks to the team behind the excellent Hitman series. The team at IO Interactive is already adept at making a sort of spy game and if there's anyone in the industry that can deliver an authentic 007 gaming experience, then it's this developer.

Indiana Jones

Indy has had a bit of an odd relationship with games. Without ever really becoming a major game franchise, there have been lots of games referred to as "that game that's like Indiana Jones'. The Tomb Raider and Uncharted series have long been seen as an Indy game minus the whip-cracking adventurer. But soon we'll see just how the movie franchise can work as a video game.

MachineGames -  the developer behind titles such as Wolfenstein - is tasked with bringing Mr Jones to modern day consoles. Its background is firmly in making first-person shooters (FPS) and although Indy has never been a gun totin' hero, we're intrigued to see just how this one will play out.

The iconic Star Wars logo

Star Wars

OK, so we've had a Star Wars title almost every year for the last couple of decades, but this will be different. The resurrected Lucasfilm Games has decided to ditch its exclusivity with game publisher EA, and has brought in Ubisoft to come up with some new ideas.

Brilliantly, the first game that Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment will work on is an open-world, free-roaming title based, obviously, in the Star Wars universe. We're thinking planet hopping in X-Wings. Lightsaber fights on hostile planets. And the opportunity to throw Jar-Jar Binks into a trash compactor... finally.

Hogwarts Legacy

The only title on the list that has an official name and more than just a teaser trailer. This Harry Potter game will finally allow you to live out your wizarding fantasies as you create and control your very own Hogwarts student.

Not only will you be able to walk around the shiny halls of Hogwarts in stunning high-definition, but you can also choose your own destiny. Will you be a goody two-shoes like Harry and co. or delve into the dark arts and become an even bigger heel than Voldemort?

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