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The best trailers from San Diego Comic-con 2019

Words by Nathan Irvine

Sequels, prequels and more

For those out of the loop, San Diego is home to the big daddy of comic-cons. The legendary venue attracts hundreds of thousands of fans to the US west coast as they file into the venue to see and hear about all the latest movies, TV shows and video games. Many other cities have them, but San Diego Comic-con is the biggest.

2019 has already delivered the goods, and the announcements have arrived thick and fast. So we've picked out our favourite trailers from the show so you don't have to. Enjoy.

Top Gun: Maverick

33 years after the original flew into cinemas, Tom Cruise is set to reprise his role as a US fighter pilot, Maveric. Since 1986, Cruise has made quite the name for himself as an actor who performs his own stunts - especially in the Mission: Impossible franchise. And by the looks of this trailer, he's definitely hit gut-churning speeds in a fighter jet.

Star Trek: Picard

An Amazon Prime Original TV series puts the legendary Patrick Stewart into the uniform of the beloved Enterprise captain, Jean-Luc Picard. The show seems to be taking a slightly darker approach to previous Star Treks and will see the return of a number of favourite characters along the way.

It Chapter Two

Make sure you're not holding anything valuable or fragile when watching this - the jump-scares will see you launch them into orbit. The sequel to the hugely successful It heads back to Maine 27 years later. The kids are all grown-up, but this doesn't stop the evil Pennywise from returning to mess with them once again. Terrifying stuff.


... and the winner of Best Use of a David Bowie Track in a Trailer goes to: Watchmen. The latest look at the masked vigilantes reveals more of the chaotic plot. Cops no longer wanted to be recognised, so have started wearing masks, so now nobody knows who the good guys are. We've got high hopes for this gritty HBO series.

The Witcher

If you've been wondering where your next gory battles fix will come from since Game of Thrones ended, then this Netflix Original is for you. What made the video game of the same name so intense were the encounters that hero Geralt had with massive monsters. And judging by a few seconds in this trailer, we're going to get them here.


It's less the trailer's content that's interesting here, and more the conversation around it since. The live-action Cats announcement has unleashed a steady flow of vitriol throughout social media. If it's not complaints about the cast in general, it's that the tails are in the wrong place and much more.

His Dark Materials

Finally, something that at least looks to do justice to Philip Pullman's classic novels. Forget the big budget film flops, this joint venture between HBO and the BBC taps into the darker side of the books and looks genuinely thrilling. There's an all-star cast attached to it too, including Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, Mary Poppins Returns).

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