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Super Mario movie features all-star cast

Words by Nathan Irvine

Leaky news

There's a new Mario movie on the way, and judging by the noise from the internet, the news has been met with both skepticism and white hot rage. Super Mario is going to be an animated tale with a superstar cast. On the surface this is a solid idea. Having Charlie Day (Always Sunny), Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen's Gambit) and Jack Black (School of Rock) voicing Luigi, Princess Peach and Bowser, respectively, makes great sense and will bring life tot he usual supporting cast of characters. It's when things get to the titular hero that the problems arise.

See, the lead role of Nintendo's famous plumber is being voiced by Chris Pratt (Jurassic World, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy) and not by his longtime original voiceover actor, the beloved Charles Martinet. The ire, as far as we can tell, comes from the fact that Super Mario is animated as opposed to the so-bad-it's-good live action Super Mario Bros. Dustin Hoffman as the rotund handyman. Martinet then, not needing to be seen on-screen, should've been a shoe-in for the role.

Tumi Chris Pratt leaning back and thinking about all of that sweet, sweet Mario dough... probably.

Extra life

Despite the casting disappointment for Charles Martinet, the veteran voice actor is said to have a cameo in the upcoming movie. So it's not all bad.

What's interesting about the timing of this new movie, is that Nintendo is usually incredibly protective of its characters and properties. After it had its fingers burned with the rather terrible big budget Super Mario Bros. (1993), the Japanese firm has played it safe ever since.

But the success of recent video game to movies such as Pokémon Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog has seemingly been too tempting for Nintendo. After all, both these were a) huge money spinners and b) introduced old characters, games and merchandise to new, younger audiences.

We're sure the film will be fun nonetheless. And we're looking forward to hearing Pratt's interpretation of the Italian-American accent.

Super Mario is due for release in December 2022.

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