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Spotify Radar launches across the MENA region

Words by Nathan Irvine

Uncut gems.

Spotify has just launched its new initiative that's set to propel the stars of the MENA region across the globe. Spotify Radar recognises the artists that have the potential to be huge and brings them together. They can then use the dedicated Spotify Studios to record new collaboration.

It's part of a network of 19 emerging markets across 50 markets that will put new talent on your radar... hence the name.

Dubai-based, British electronic duo Hollaphonic and Lebanese singer Xriss are the first to make use of the program. Together they recorded the song "Save Me" (listen below) in London. We spoke to the two artist to find out a little more about Spotify Radar, their involvement in it and the stars to look out for.

Hollaphonic and Xriss

On the importance of Spotify Radar...

Xriss: "It's extremely important to us because in today’s day and age it is very difficult to stand out in an ocean of incredible artists. But thanks to this program, we’re able to reach a much wider audience not only in the MENA region but across the globe too."

Hollaphonic: "The regional music scene is stronger and more exciting than it’s ever been, streaming platforms such as Spotify have allowed us to connect with the world and let them decide about our music. There are some phenomenal artists out there who are organized and focused; for us being organized is the key and understanding the business of music comes a very close second to the creative process itself if you want to make this a career."

On the collaboration for Save Me...

Xriss: "Spotify Radar also gives Hollaphonic and I an opportunity to not only do more collaborations together but also reach and connect with other artists to collaborate with. Creating more music is what drives us and this is huge to us.”

On the artists we should have on our radar...

Hollaphonic: “That’s a big ask, there is a wealth of talent out there. We’ve always been interested in Omar Basaad as a fellow electronic producer and creative. He stands out because his production has always been supremely intelligent. MDLBeast, 2019’s record breaking Saudi electronic music festival, has highlighted that there is a massive electronic scene in the Kingdom so I am sure we will see more artists like Omar changing the game and turning heads worldwide.

"Outside of electronic music, we're big fans of Aleksandra Krstic, classically trained pianist, she has an incredible jazzy tone that is reminiscent of Sia in her Zero 7 days. We see her making waves and she’s already got some solid records under her belt which sound very exciting. There is also a range of talent from Moh Flow, to Hamza Hawsawi to Abstrakt and Dish Dash to Karrouhat. Check them all out and keep searching.”


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