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Samsung Galaxy S20 and Z Flip have been revealed

Words by Nathan Irvine

The tech giant is flipping out.

The arms race to create the biggest and best smartphone continues at speed. Samsung is first out of the blocks in 2020 with not one, but two new devices that aim to shake up the industry.

At the company's annual Unpacked 2020 event, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20 and the Z Flip.

In news that won't surprise many, Samsung has chosen to follow the Apple model for its flagship S20. It comes at three different price points, with the most expensive - the S20 Ultra - offering the extra grunt that the iPhone Pro Max.

The S20 Ultra has an almost unbelievable camera tech packed inside. It can produce images in stunning 108 megapixels and has a 100x zoom, which is usually reserved for big cameras with expensive lenses. It can even record video in 8K.

Open wide

Equally impressive is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The tech giant is jumping on the recent flip phone revival and this one looks the best yet. You can see all of the essential info such as time, date and the like when it's closed, and when it opens up into turns into a fully fledged smartphone experience.

Oddly, one of the quotes from the presentation suggested that the flip hinge can "withstand being open 200,000 times". We're sure it was meant with the best intentions, but it suddenly made us think just how often we'd open and close it within a year. Would it just fall apart on the 200,001 mark? Given the disaster that the company had with the Galaxy Fold in 2019 we can only assume they won't make the same mistakes twice.

Listen up

Also on the bill, and no less exciting, was the reveal of Samsung Galaxy Buds+. The new in-ear device is the same size as before, but now comes with an internal speaker that is 30% bigger. This means more clarity in the audio that's pumped into your ear.

The microphone tech has also been given an upgrade and now picks up your voice in the most challenging environments. Like if you're trapped on a building site and need to direct your Careem captain to get you.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ come with eleven battery life, with an extra eleven coming from a fully charged case.

Samsung's latest collection is available to pre-order online now in the UAE. Your move Apple.

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