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Robert Lewandowski eats backwards? Read on

Words by Rob Chilton

Food goals

Sporting diets have come a long since a big bowl of pasta and a bottle of Lucozade was thought to be the best way to refuel. Now, top clubs employ a team of chefs and nutritionists to make sure their players are eating the right portions of the right things at the right time of day.

Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski, it’s been revealed, follows one of the more bizarre approaches to fuelling his body: backwards eating. The striker starts mealtime with with dessert – typically a brownie – followed by rice or buckwheat, then meat or fish and finally salad or soup. The idea, reports The Times, is “to separate carbohydrates and proteins so the body is not overwhelmed by a mix of products and ingredients.”

Chocolate brownie

Lewandowski, as seen below, is in good shape so it’s clearly working for him. The 33-year-old said, “My body feels very well, much better than a few years ago.” Caroline Kolanjiane is a nutritionist at Kcal and explains, “This diet focuses on ingesting high-quality nutrients like lean protein, whole grain, low glycemic index food, healthy fats, which is important for weight management and maintenance of healthy body composition.” She adds, “Backwards eating is not harmful, it’s rather a lifestyle. Like everything else people adopt the lifestyle that suits them most as long as they are getting their desired results.”

Looking sharp

Lewandowski’s food rules

  • Only chocolate made from pure cacao
  • No fried food
  • No fast food
  • No lactose
  • No wheat flour
  • No cow’s milk
  • On the green list is oat porridge, vegetable spaghetti and millet
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