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Renato "Tato" Giavannoni interview

Words by Nathan Irvine

A little slice of Argentina is coming to Dubai

Renato "Tato" Giavannoni is no ordinary bar owner. The Argentinean has been quietly establishing himself as one of the very best mixologists around at his highly-acclaimed Buenos Aires bar, the Floreria Atlántico. In fact, his "hidden bar" inside the florist and wine bar hybrid has just been voted number 5 on the World’s 50 Best Bars list 2021.

Brilliantly, Iris Dubai is about to bring a little taste of his expertise to the region with an exclusive pop-up that apes the Floreria Atlántico. We sat down with Tato Giavannoni to find out exactly what we can expect over the next three months.

Supplied Beautiful flowers and beverages are a staple

What can Dubai residents expect from the Florería Atlántico pop-up?

I believe we can provide Dubai residents with a very unique experience, something totally different to what they are normally used to. We have a clear concept behind everything that we do, and we aim to tell Argentina’s story through our food and beverage offerings.

From showcasing the largest immigration flows to Argentina through our drinks and providing guests with a menu where they can relish in the unique flavours that are Argentina at every opportunity – we have created the ultimate free-spirit and sensory experience.

Why is the Buenos Aires' F&B scene so special?

The F&B scene in Buenos Aires has been growing for the past 30 years, in a really strong way. There has been a huge focus on local gastronomy, and as Argentina was essentially built by immigrants from all over the world, the incredible fusion of flavours is evident in our food and drinks.

Argentina, Buenos Aires in particular, has always pioneered with its beverage offerings. The city was considered one of the capitals of the world from the 1920s till the late 60s, along with New York, La Havana, London, and Paris – those days were truly glorious.

Then the country went into a dark hole, but since the mid 90s, Argentina has started to rebuild, and now you can find many venues using fresh and tasty local products. Today, I can assure you that we are in the golden era of our industry.

To be honest the Buenos Aires F&B scene is very different to what you see here in Dubai. However, you can definitely find similarities when it comes to the great service and hospitable nature of the two cities.

What does it take to create a venue that makes it into the World’s 50 Best Bars?

This is a common question and I have the same answer every time. Firstly, you cannot build a hospitality business just to be on a list. You have to build a place that you truly believe in, aiming to provide joy and happiness to every single guest that walks through your door.

If you can achieve that, coupled with a solid concept and clear objectives, then you don’t ever have to worry about awards – which may or may not come. The biggest award is truly having people in your venue every day, simply because you can put a smile on their face and provide them with everything they need.

The Florería Atlántico pop-up is at Iris Dubai right now

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