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Reebok has a new sneaker especially for HIIT workouts

Words by Nathan Irvine

This one's for the big HIITers.

First it was Crossfit. Then it was the UFC. Now Reebok is gunning for dominance in another fast growing health and fitness pursuit... High Intensity Interval Training. Otherwise known as HIIT. As such the British brand has come up with HIIT performance gear to help you up to the next level.

HIIT is a powerful exercise format that demands you put in maximum effort for a short period of time. There are even shorter pauses in between, which makes the sessions incredibly intense.

You're usually jumping, lunging, sprinting and, well, sweating for a considerable amount of time. And it seems Reebok has realised a gap in the market and come up with HIIT specific sneakers and clothing.

Reebok These slightly garish shorts are part of the HIIT launch too.

Sure fire HIIT

The most important part of the drop are the sneakers. Reebok has come up with the HIIT TR - the world's first HIIT specific shoe.

It's a lightweight, yet durable shoe that's got the traction needed to keep you upright. High-performance on the bottom is also built with intense workouts in mind, and provides supreme cushioning.

When the full collection launches on January 15, there will be shorts and tees in various colours. You might be a sweaty mess at your next HIIT class, but at least your clothing will look the part.

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