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Razer Opus X headset review

Words by Nathan Irvine

Game bred

Razer is probably best known in gaming circles. The company specialises in gaming peripherals that not only make the experience more enjoyable, but gives the user a competitive edge. It's also always been know for it garish fluorescent colour scheme that screams "gamer". But just recently, Razer has made inroads into the mainstream lifestyle category such as the Opus X headset.

It still comes in bright green - if you're into that sort of thing - but the one I have is a much sleeker two-tone number. The Mercury Edition is ice white with grey ear pads. At a glance, it could be an Apple AirPods Max as they look just as a desirable.

Up close, it's still appealing but the build quality isn't quite as robust as its competition from the likes of Apple, Sennheiser or B&O. The mechanism that helps the headset speakers twist, for example, feels quite flimsy, which is why they've been kept well out of reach of my three kids.

However, this is just one small drawback for the Razer Opus X.

They actually look cool

Sound off

Wearing the Opus X is actually very comfortable. The band over the top of my head - with its soft leather covered sponge - is great and the ear cups are gentle too. And unlike a lot of headsets, you barely feel the weight of it when you're locked in.

Whether you're listening to a podcast, music playlist or gaming, this bluetooth headset has excellent noise-cancelling abilities. And, most importantly, the Opus X pumps out crystal-clear sound that really plunges you into whatever it is you're listening to.

There's a built-in microphone for making and taking calls that, again, offers great clarity. And with super-quick bluetooth connectivity the sound rarely drops and keeps accurate pace with whatever is on screen - TV show, movie or game.

The Opus X is definitely a solid move from Razer to get into the mainstream market. They look good, deliver high quality sound, and at AED 490 they represent fantastic value for money. They might not be the sexiest headset on the market, but Razer's Opus X is definitely worth your attention.

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