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The pros and cons of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Words by Nathan Irvine

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Apple has always been at the forefront of podcasting. Whether it's providing a robust platform for creators, serving up new shows to listeners or generally making it easier to get started, it has been there every step of the way.

In April 2021, Apple announced the next evolution for podcasts - Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. Here are the pros and cons of the new service.

Oh, and why not take a listen to the latest episode of The EDGAR Podcast while you read them.

Pro - Creators get complete control

Previously, the only way that creators could make cold hard cash from their podcasts was to use a seperate, third-party site such as Patreon. But with this new introduction, you can now earn money direct from Apple's podcast platform. You can set the extras that your listeners get - early access, full series and the like - and put the price on it accordingly. It's a superb way to manage your monies.

Con - There's a catch

There's no such thing as free meal, of course. You'll need to pay AED 77.99 ($19.99) annually if you want to start taking control of your cash generating potential. And slightly more problematic is that Apple will take 30 per cent of the first year's profits, which will then drop to 15 per cent in the subsequent years. This is a big slice of pie for Apple, and may make people think twice about ditching their third-party crowdfunding sites afterall.

Pro - It's packed useful statistics

One of the worst things about being on the Apple Podcast network was that it never allowed creators access to stats. Without this, it was hard to know what was doing well and not-so good. But with a full suite of analytics now at your disposal, you're able to see how your show is performing, or each individual episode. THis helps to steer the direction of your podcast and help to maximise its engagement, reach and money-spinning potential.

Con - You're tied to Apple's platform

This is less a problem that Apple has created and more personal preference. But plain and simple, Apple doesn't really want you to distribute your podcast outside of its platform. And why should you when you have all the tools you need at your disposal... at a price. Obviously, you won't be able to take your subscription treats and exclusives anywhere else.

Pro - You will finally realise your podcasts potential

Through everything that comes as part of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, you can really work on your podcast and brand, and take it up to the next level. Creators will no doubt find ways to make the service work for them in unique ways as they experiment with it. You never know, you could be the next Serial.

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