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Nightingale chiropractic review

Words by Nathan Irvine

Get cracking

Although they couldn’t be further apart in terms of career options – manual labour and office work share a common problem. They’re both the cause of chronic back pain. It’s a fact shared to me by chiropractor Oliver Jones of Nightingale Health Service in Dubai. I ventured down to the practice as I fall into the latter camp. I might not be digging ditches, but being hunched over a keyboard like Golem for most of the day has taken its toll.

Nightingale is small, but perfectly formed venue situated in Dubai’s Gold and Diamond Park. The first-floor practise has been taking care of Dubai residents for years, but has just recently expanded its services into chiropractic treatment. I’ve never had a session before, but know plenty of people that swear by it.

The expectations of my visit were stereotypical – my body being flung into different positions as the practitioner cackles at every loud crack they could squeeze out of me. While there were loud pops, the treatment is far less brutal than I imagined.

Where the magic pops happen

Chiropractor, Oliver Jones

Body poppin'

Oliver made the initial assessment via a questionnaire and then with a few stretches to identify any hidden issues. My back actually felt fine going into the appointment, but one flexibility test unearthed a deep-seated knot. There was even an upper back problem lurking about too.

The first part of the treatment involved the increasingly popular massage gun. Athletes and weekend warriors have been using these for a few years now as they’re a great way to hammer out knots and loosen muscles. For the uninitiated, it’s like having a jackhammer with a rubber ball attached to it run over your body. Focusing on the upper back area, Oliver flattened the tightness from around my shoulder as I lay flat. The relief was almost instant as the massage gun’s deep tissue function got to work. The funniest part was hearing my own voice trembling whilst trying to hold a conversation as my whole body shook like a maraca.

Tools down, and it was onto the chiropractor’s trademark – correcting your body with loud pops. I’ll be honest, I was dreading this bit. I thought it’d be painful, but it wasn’t – not by a long shot. A deep breath in, and then slow exhale meant Oliver could apply heavy pressure to correctly align my body parts.

There wasn’t a popping sound in the upper back, but the lower part had an audible click that felt as though someone had turned the pain off. A quick rub of ice cold Biofreeze liquid numbed the corrected parts and made it feel a little like I was being hugged by a snowman.

A few days on, and my back and shoulders still feel great. Oliver gave me some stretches to practice at home and suggested some other ways – including swimming – that I could prevent further damage too. If I’m not disciplined enough to maintain these, and end up crooked over this keyboard again, I’ll definitely go back to Nightingale.

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