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Nespresso Vertuo Plus puts the coffee scene in a spin

Words by Nathan Irvine

Wake up and smell the revolution.

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus isn't just a new brewing machine from the Swiss manufacturer. It represents a revolution for the coffee industry in more ways than one.

Nespresso has unearthed new spinning technology that allows it to extract even more flavour from each capsule. Instead of forcing the hot water to just drip through the stationary pod, Centrifusion™ allows an even distribution of liquid to granules for more of the good stuff.

And for the first time ever, it means Nespresso can deliver a bigger Cup of Joe in a few simple button presses.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus launch coincides with a range of new mugs.

Gimme more

As a direct response to customer feedback about paltry coffee sizes, Nespresso came up with the tech to deliver more. You can still get pods for smaller portion sizes, if that's what you prefer, mind.

The worry, from our point of view anyway, was could they do it without it tasting weak? Nobody wants an early morning mug of coffee that's the taste equivalent of hot brown water, right?

Thankfully, the Vertuo Plus passes the EDGAR taste test.

The coffee is flavourful, and that's all that matters. The capsules are mixed blend of beans that have been carefully curated to deliver a bespoke taste. For example, the Stormio - a mix of Nicaraguan and Guatemalan beans - offers woody notes, and strong kick. Perfect for early morning starts.

It's way more palatable than the bitter nonsense that you get from most high street chains. And a whole lot cheaper in the long run - especially if you're partial to buying a cup a day.

In addition to the new spinning system, Nespresso is committed to sustainability with the capsules it uses. They're all made from recyclable aluminium, which have already been used to build bicycles and more.

We're not quite at artisanal coffee levels just yet, but we're getting very close. But add the Nespresso Vertuo Plus to your kitchen and you'll never have to suffer a bad coffee again.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus prices start at AED 1,299 and is available in stores and online right now.

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