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NBC to launch Peacock streaming service

Words by Nathan Irvine

Yes, another one.

One thing we definitely don't need, but are absolutely getting, is another streaming service. US network NBC is going through with its threat of introducing a new with its Peacock service. As of right now it will be limited to North America, but we fully expect it to go global after its launch in April 2020.

Top shows such as The Office (US) and Parks and Recreations will be wrestled from other streaming sites and shown exclusively on Peacock. There's also talk of a remake of sci-fi epic Battlestar Galactica and the high school comedy Saved By The Bell.

While it's an exciting time for on-demand TV, there's just way too much of it.

NBC The Office will be shutting up shop on the likes of Amazon Prime.

TV Times

As well as Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and Starz Play, there's the likes of Hulu, Disney+ and HBO Max. We understand that these companies want to protect their own interests and get a slice of the streaming pie, but dividing up the content is expensive for consumers.

Counting only those above - and discounting at least a fair few more - you're looking at six separate monthly subscriptions just to be able to watch your favourite shows. That's too much.

It's great to see top original shows such as Prime's The Boys or Netflix phenom Stranger Things, and long may that continue. And obviously you don't have to buy them all. But we're worried it will spiral out of control and the days of traditional terrestrial TV programming, with a variety of shows, will become a thing of the past.

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