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My grooming routine: Dubai fitness expert Jamie Moore

Words by Rob Chilton

Talking pores, pedicures and secret skincare tips

Joop! fragrance

Jamie Moore is head of training at The J Club, the new elite fitness club at Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Manicure and pedicure

I enjoy both – I find they’re good ways to wind down. I get a manicure every couple of weeks because the dry skin and callouses can build up from training. Looking after your feet is important, especially if you’re on your feet all day like I am.


It’s retro, I know, but I really like Joop. I like old school fragrances rather than the newer ones. Joop is quite tropical and different to anything else that’s out there on the market.

Shaving gear

I’m a big fan of shaving and I prefer being clean-shaven. I shave in the morning because it wakes me up – I love that feeling of freshness when you put on moisturiser afterwards.


I’ve always liked having long hair but I have to use products that tame it because if I leave it alone, it goes frizzy. I use Toni and Guy sea salt spray to get some texture and I try to use organic shampoo and conditioner, they’re good for healthy hair, especially in Dubai with the humidity, air conditioning and the quality of the water.

Spa treatments

I like a deep tissue massage and try to have one a month. My pain threshold is quite high so I like it pretty hard.

Salt spray adds texture to hair


I mix it up with brands, but for the last year I’ve been using Bulldog products, which are pretty good. In Dubai, you’re sweating a lot and your pores open up so you have to keep your face clean. I use a scrub every few days but I’m careful not to wash my face too much because I don’t want to get rid of those good oils and get dry skin.


I have a dermaroller that I use in the evening. It’s basically a roller you run over your face that brings the blood to the surface to improve oxygenation and help heal any blemishes. The next day after using it, my skin always feels smoother and softer.

Moore works with a client

Grooming tip

Every night before I go to bed I drink room temperature lemon water to purify my body and skin.

The J Club is now open at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

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