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MIT's back-flipping robots can now play football

Words by Nathan Irvine

Another step closer to Skynet.

Despite the many warnings from the world of film and television, we've just moved a step closer to the robot revolution. Terminator tried to warn us that a gun totin' cyborg would eventually try to wipe humankind out. As too did the slightly lower rent, Tom Selleck flick Runaway

But this hasn't stopped Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from inching us a little closer to total annihilation with its latest advancements.

Mr. Robotos

OK, so the mini cheetahs do look cute. Especially when they're bashing into each other when they play football. And we love that little backflip they can now do. It's like they've built tiny robotic versions of the acrobatic footballer Lomano LuaLua.

However, all it takes is for them to be armed with a pistol or even a pointy stick for MITs robots to become a terrifying prospect.

It's an absolute amazing achievement to create these things. And we're intrigued as to what the technology will be squeezed into. Let's just hope it doesn't end with us running for our lives from a thousand back-flipping, bloodthirsty robots.

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