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Lotus Emira supercar lands to Dubai

Words by Nathan Irvine

Dying breed

The Lotus Emira is a cause for celebration, but with a tinge of sadness. You see, this wonderfully sleek supercar from the British car icon, is its most complete vehicler to date, but it's also the last petrol-powered one too, as Lotus pivots to electric. Obviously, it's great that the manufacturer is making more environmentally friendly vehicles in the future, but the roar of the V6 we heard when we saw the Emira recently will be missed enormously.

Brilliantly though, is the fact that the Lotus Emira is capping off the petrol generation with a bang. With 400 bhp powering the impossibly aerodynamic vehicle, this last hurrah will definitely provide the necessary thrills. Such is the anticipation of the pure driving joy potential that the Emira contains, pre-orders have been gobbled up and the earliest time you'll be able to get behind the wheel of one is 2023. We'll hopefully be getting behind the wheel of one before then, so we can at least tell you just how good it is.

If you want to get a glimpse of the Lotus Emira you can see it in the Lotus showroom in Dubai until October 14 and then it's off to Abu Dhabi for a few days before continuing its world tour.

The Lotus Emira V6 3.6l starts at AED 395,000 and the 4-cylinder AMG version from AED 315,000.

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