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F1 2021: Can anyone beat Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes?

Words by Nathan Irvine

Championship pace

F1 is revving up for its season opener in Bahrain on March 28, 2021. It no surprise then that all talk amongst fans of the sport is who can dethrone Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes? Is it even possible? After all, the pair look like an unstoppable force in F1.

It’s kind of odd that both Hamilton and Mercedes success is viewed as bad for the sport, but here we are. No-one wants to see the same championship result every season. But credit where it is due – Hamilton is a living legend of F1 and Mercedes has a car that is often a speck in the distance on the track to all its rivals.

Fast forward

In all seriousness, the onus is on the other teams to produce a vehicle that can keep up with the #44 car. Ferrari and Red Bull are the two teams that have come closest to overtaking Mercedes but have are only consistent in their inconsistency.

A rejuvenated McLaren, who finished the 2020 season strong, is another outsider that could challenge the dominance. And though young upstarts, Aston Martin say it will take another “three to five seasons” before it has serious title ambitions, it could still spring a few surprises - especially with Sebastian Vettel at the wheel.

There will no doubt be many twists and turns (chicanes and hairpins?) along the way in the F1 2021 season. And though most neutral F1 fans can’t wait for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes to finally breakup the pairing is still something to be savoured while it lasts. We’re witnessing history, after all.

So, to answer the question “can anyone beat Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes next season”, who knows? But we should enjoy it all the same.

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