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Khabib Nurmagomedov and Clarence Seedorf to launch sports academy

Words by Nathan Irvine

Common goal

In one of the more stranger partnerships around, former UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and football legend Clarence Seedorf are combining for a new premier sports facility. The project, Seedorf Khabib Performance Club, is in partnership with DMCC and TikTok, and is geared towards bringing the training programs from MMA and football to create a new wave of sports stars.

At the launch event, it was unclear exactly how the two sports will fused together and what elements of each will take place during training sessions. There was one example given by trio, which said about training the mental will of footballers with MMA style sessions and - as Seedorf said - "help players stay on their feet and not be knocked over so easily".

However, the clear driver of the performance club is to make sure that every kid, no matter their upbringing, gets a shot at making it in the world of sport.

EDGAR From left to right - Khabib Nurmagomedov, Ahmed Bin Sulayem and Clarence Seedorf

The ol' one-two

Clarence Seedorf said “Football gave me a lot in life, and I’m committed to give back to the community.  I’m very happy to partner with Khabib and positively influence the next generation with the knowledge that I’ve gained during the years”. 

“I have always been a big football fan and admired Clarence not only as a player, but as a man. He has good values and that is very important for me as a Partner. Seedorf Khabib Performance Club will have a very positive impact and will improve football and athletic skills, but above all will create good people which is the most important thing." Nurmagomedov remarked.

This partnership is the culmination of a friendship between Khabib and Seedorf. Nurmagomedov says his late father was a big fan of the Dutch international during his playing days and as a result he's always had a great admiration of him. Clarence Seedorf remarked how he was told Khabib would be a champion before he even burst on the scene.

We're certainly intrigued to see how this global project manifests and can't wait for more concrete information.

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