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Jamie Dornan: “I’m terrible at looking after my skin”

Words by Rob Chilton

The actor doesn’t exfoliate but is still one of Hollywood’s most handsome men – don’t hate him

The Northern Irish actor has appeared in Marie Antoinette, 50 Shades of Grey, A Private War and, most recently, Wild Mountain Thyme. Married to composer Amelia Warner, Dornan lives in England and has three daughters who, by the sounds of things, leave him little time for grooming. The frontman for Boss fragrance spoke to EDGAR.

How does your skin cope with movie make-up?

Not very well! When I’m doing movies, wearing make-up and being under hot lights for 12 hours, my skin usually breaks out a little bit.

How do you combat that?

We have brilliant people on set helping me, who are vigilant about cleaning my skin every day and applying stuff that feels nice. If it wasn’t for those professional people, I’d struggle more.

Putting his best face forward

Have you always had good skin?

Yeah, I’m quite lucky as my skin usually holds up pretty well. Even as a kid I didn’t go through a spotty phase that most teenagers do. The only time my skin flares up is when I’m wearing make-up for movies.

What’s your latest skincare find?

I recently started wearing sun protection on my face every day because a make-up artist told me to. I wear Piz Buin SPF30 and I love the smell of it because it reminds me of skiing trips.

Dornan and wife Amelia Warner

Do you scrub, cleanse, moisturise and tone?

I barely do any of that [laughs]. When I remember to, I moisturise but I don’t exfoliate, I’m terrible! I’m really bad at taking care of my skin. I’m lucky that people take care of it for me at work and give me products to use.

Why don’t you spend more time on your grooming regime?

I have three little kids so it’s tricky because they take all of my focus. Every morning I’m getting them ready for school so it’s really not about me. The last thing I think of is cleaning my face!

With Rosamund Pike in A Private War

What’s your favourite fragrance right now?

I love Boss The Scent Pure Accord. It smells fresh so it’s nice for the morning. It’s masculine, it’s got a lot of sensuality and I feel self-assured and confident when I wear it. It puts me in a good place, you know?

What’s your favourite ingredient in Boss Pure Accord?

I love the exotic maninka fruit, I didn’t know what it was so I asked and now that I know it, I’m really passionate about it.

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