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How to stay fit at home during self isolation

Words by Nathan Irvine

Dubai runner and Nike ambassador Loy Karlo Dela Cruz explains how to stay strong without any equipment.

With the necessary lockdown in place as the world tackles the coronavirus, we need to be creative with our fitness regimes. Even if there's a lack of equipment, there are still some things that we can do.

To find out what we can do, we spoke to Nike runner, Loy Karlo Dela Cruz. He's a runner that likes to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, and also a person that's in the same boat as a number of us during self-isolation.

Here are some tips to keep you active and motivated...

No gym? No problem

Many of us have become dependent on the gym. When it comes to maintaining our fitness levels, a closed gym is something unimaginable. But the reality just hit us as all gyms have been ordered to close temporarily for health and safety reasons. Personally, I believe that our best solution here is to continue moving because there are a lot of ways to stay fit and healthy even without going to the gym. All we need is a space where we can freely move and break a sweat for at least an hour per day. We can also be creative by listening to our own workout music and dressing the part at home. Keeping it simple doesn’t have to be boring.

The exercises to do

Working out indoors requires more effective mobility and strength exercises. By following simple and consistent exercise regimen, maintaining your overall fitness and losing weight while at home is possible. It has been proven that lunges, squats, planks and building a strong core are effective in terms of strengthening legs and buttocks as they target larger muscle groups of the lower body that boosts body metabolism. A simple 45 minute combination of the below exercises will guarantee effective muscle movements.

The benefits of fit-tech

Without a personal trainer to spur you on, it can be difficult to stay motivated and realise your goals. However, that's where fit-tech comes in. I use the Apple Watch Series 5 because I find it to be very helpful when working on my daily move goals. It also contains integrated workouts that anyone can easily access (yoga, swimming, running etc) and you can see exactly how many calories you've burned through with each session. The best part about the Apple Watch you can compete with those friends who have one and spur each other on to do more. This is ideal to stay connected while we're all supposed to be in isolation.

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