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How to make the perfect burger

Words by Nathan Irvine

Now that's a tasty burger

With barbecue season fast approaching in the Middle East, our attention has turned to exclusively grilling our food for almost every meal. Specifically, burgers of various styles.

While we're sure there are many out there that have their own top notch recipes, we thought we'd ask an expert for their opinion on how to make the perfect burger. The expert in question is Pickl CEO and Founder, Stephen Flawith. And anyone that's had the pleasure of tasting one of their creations - which we've previously dubbed as Dubai's best burger - then you'll agree that Steve knows what he's talking about.

Here's how to make sure your next barbecue session is a massive success.

Supplied The new Impossible Burger at Pickl

Supplied Pickl CEO and Founder, Stephen Flawith

Cheese Burger

It's all about the beef and the bun. Don't mess around with the beef, care for it, love it, be tender with it. When you are thinking about what meat to use, it's pretty much down to preference, but my personal favourite is a chuck, brisket, and forerib blend at around 70/20/10 per cent respectively with a 20 per cent fat ration added. You've got to keep that beef nice and cold. So chill it in your freezer for 20 minutes until you have some ice crystals forming, that way, when its ground it'll keep a lower core temp. 

Next up, mixing the beef. Don't smash it together, don't add egg yolk or bread crumbs, you're going to mask the flavour of that amazing beef mix you've put together, and please don't add salt until you've cooked it. 

Then it's onto the bun. It's all about the bun. No one likes a dry bun or a big bun. Seeds are your choice, but get a good bun is soft and fluffy. Toast it on the griddle within an inch of its life. The toppings are your choice, I'm a classic mustard and pickle kind of guy. 

Chicken Burger

Whether you want to use breast or thigh, that’s down to you. Frying at high temperatures is a pretty violent form of cooking, so you're going to need to give your chicken breast a nice salty bath beforehand.

Brining the chicken is important. It means the moisture that escaped during the fry is replaced by the brining before you even take it to the oil. There’s plenty of fried chicken flour mixes online, they all do a great job.

Again, the bun is important for any burger, make sure you get a high quality soft bun that’s toasted to perfection. I like that old school nostalgic chicken burger with lettuce, mayo and pickles personally. Or you can take that Pickl twist and spice your chicken up with spices of your choice.

Veggie Burger

In the early days of Pickl I went in search of what I thought to be the best veggie burger to put on the menu. I never wanted to cop out and stick a portobello mushroom in a bun or create some fried veggie concoction so I went in search of something else.

We're really proud to have found Impossible Foods and helped bring it to the UAE market. It's 'meat' made from plants, uses 87 per cent less water, 89 per cent less emissions and uses 96 per cent less land than traditional beef. It also has 0mg cholesterol. This product truly is a game changer. I urge you to try it. 

The new Impossible Burger is available at Pickl restaurants right now

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