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Grooming review: Haircut at Dunhill’s Dubai Mall barber shop

Words by Rob Chilton

The British menswear brand has set up a secret barber shop in its Dubai store

As you enter the fantastic new Dunhill store in The Dubai Mall you won’t be able to resist stopping to have a look at the dreamy leather bags and menswear.

But once you’ve torn yourself away, you’ll notice a secret door, behind which is the mall’s best kept secret. Dunhill has set up a cosy barber shop in its boutique and the haircuts are as good as the stock on the rails and shelves outside.

Cool threads at Dunhill

Elie Massaad is the expert Lebanese barber inside. Check out his clippers from the brand Andis Nation. With their ceramic blades, a tattooed handle and AED 1,000 price tag, these are no ordinary clippers – he had to wait three months for them to be delivered from America.

Massaad takes huge pride in his work and, unlike many barbers in Dubai, spends several minutes consulting customers about what’s going to look best. Volume, texture and a future strategy of how the hair will regrow are all discussed, laying the groundwork for a return visit. And get this: he actually listens. Massaad gently suggests I shouldn’t go too short around the back and sides because it “wouldn’t suit my position,” which is a diplomatic way of saying I’m a little too old to have a haircut of a Premier League footballer. He’s right and I’m grateful for his honesty.

The barber shop is hidden away

Dunhill's Century fragrance

After tossing around some ideas, we settle on a plan and Massaad gets to work, patiently, carefully and skillfully. “I like to cut dry hair because it allows me to see the wave of the hair and how it moves,” he explains. That’s something I’ve never heard a Dubai barber say before.

A thorough clean with top quality Redken Cerafill shampoo and conditioner finishes the job. He even dabs some of Redken’s Silver Shampoo on my grey patches to reduce any unwanted yellow tinge and restore the grey. After all that, my hair was styled and blow dried, again using Redken products.

If you’re a barber at a quality store like Dunhill then you’d better be good at your job and Massaad doesn’t let the side down. You’ll walk out looking as polished as those leather bags you spotted on the way in.

Haircut AED 175; call 04 434 0403 for appointments

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