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Five things we love about Hanzz & Heidi grooming gear

Words by Rob Chilton

This scientific Swiss skincare range is as clean and clinical as Roger Federer’s backhand

1. Made in Switzerland using biotechnology, Hanzz & Heidi creams are vegan, packed with antioxidants and made from edelweiss and snow algae plant stem cells. These join forces to fight ageing, replace moisture deep down and smooth out wrinkles.

2. The moisturiser (or ‘Activating 24 Hour Emulsion’ as Hanzz & Heidi call it) is superbly rich and hydrating. It’s made for the modern office man as it promises to protect skin from infrared and blue light from screens. It’ll even repair your lipid barrier functions, which is something we didn’t know we needed to worry about.

Edelweiss and snow algae are packed into every bottle

3. The foam face cleanser comes in a bottle with a big, chunky white pump. And it’s certainly foamy - it’s like rubbing fluffy clouds onto your face and is deliciously light and gentle. It doesn't dry out skin or leave it feeling tight but instead preps it for application of the moisturiser – sorry, emulsion.

The products smell like Switzerland on a spring day

4. The fragrance of the men's range – moisturiser, foam wash, serum and eye cream – is divine. There is no hint of cheap soap or chemicals; the products smell fresh and grassy – sort of like a kale smoothie or a Swiss mountain path on a spring day.

Hanzz & Heidi foam cleanser

5. The packaging is so sexy you may want to move the bottles from your bathroom into your living room. The matte bottles are midnight blue and black and satisfyingly heavy. The charcoal grey boxes, meanwhile, are decorated with putty-coloured contour lines found on a map, an embossed silver H and a Swiss flag – if these boxes were a business card, Patrick Bateman would rhapsodise about them for days.

Hanzz & Heidi is exclusively available at Urban Male Lounge salons

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