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Famous Italian marble inspires new Ferragamo scent

Words by Rob Chilton

Precious marble from Carrara tops the bottle of this limited edition luxury fragrance

Luciano Bertinelli, the Italian CEO of Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums, puts his espresso down as he searches for the English word to make his point. He eventually grasps it: veins.

He’s describing the beautiful blue marbling effect on the cap of the exclusive new fragrance, Bianco di Carrara. Each hand-milled cap of the limited edition scent is unique and made of marble from Carrara.

Located near the coast of the Ligurian sea, 130km northwest of Florence, marble has been quarried here for more than 2,000 years.

Bianco di Carrara is limited to 368 bottles

“It’s the best marble in the world – by far,” says Bertinelli proudly. “The cap was very expensive to make, it was difficult to find the right veins for each piece. They told me it was almost impossible but we did it. Every time we made a successful cap, three or four would get thrown away because the colour wasn’t right.”

Bertinelli doesn’t like the word ‘unisex’ and instead chooses the phrase ‘gender free’ to describe the parfum, which is a blend of heliotrope, pepper, juniper, violet and leather.

“It’s light and fresh to reflect the white marble,” he explains, “yet it’s a parfum so it’s persistent, but not invasive. It has lots of raw materials in it, that’s why it’s expensive.”

Luciano Bertinelli, CEO of Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums

Two years in development, Bianco di Carrara is limited to 368 bottles (made of glass), which corresponds to the number of patents registered by Salvatore Ferragamo in his career.

Only around 20 will find their way to the UAE in June and Bertinelli expects them all to sell out overnight; the approximate price will be AED 1,800.

“People in Dubai love Italian style and quality,” smiles Bertinelli. “They want something that’s Italian, unique and precious – and that’s Carrara marble.”

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