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E3 2021: Top 6 best things from the show

Words by Nathan Irvine

Game on

E3 - the world's biggest video game showcase - has wrapped for another year. And despite a no-show from Sony and its PlayStation 5, the event was actually packed with goodness.

Here's a look at our favourite bits from the show.



Forza Horizon 5 is a racing fan’s dream

By far the most impressive looking game at the show. The arcade racer with some of the most desirable real life cars in the world in it returns to a hyper-realistic Mexican location. Terrain has been photographed and then digitally recreated to make for one very beautiful racing game that will take you from dusty idyllic roads peppered with cacti to vast mountainous terrain with a volcano in it. There’s even a quirky piñata smashing game that looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun too.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is a reality

While Sony and Microsoft contest the console war, Nintendo is quietly getting on with making some of the best games around. This sequel to one of the best Zeldas of all time looks to be even better looking and now includes aerial sections up in the clouds.


Xbox Game Pass is even better

One of the most impressive things about the Xbox showcase was news that the Game Pass is about to become even better. The subscription service that gives you access to a tonne of old Xbox games is being bolstered with brand-new titles that you can play on the day they launch. In theory this means all the top upcoming titles will be available for just one subscription fee. Take that, PlayStation.


Battlefield 2042 harnesses the elements

Having skipped the annual churn, the Call of Duty rival took time out to create this futuristic shooter. The addition of real-time, devastating weather means that the online multiplayer battles can be flipped on their heads - especially if your team is caught up in one of those tornadoes.


Elden Ring will give you bad dreams

Master of video game combat, Hidetaka Miyazaki (Bloodborne, Dark Souls) has teamed up with author George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones) for this creepy caper. It features the type of enemies that are usually reserved for your nightmares and with Martin providing the story to the sword slashing action, you can almost guarantee this will be a hit when it launches in 2022.


Starfield is set to be the Skyrim of space

When Microsoft spent $7.8bn on Bethesda - a triple-A studio and publisher - it did so safe in the knowledge that in the long run, it’d recoup the cash… and lock Sony out of its exclusives. The biggest of which is Starfield. It’s from the same team that made The award-winning Skyrim series and although little is known about this new planet-hopping game, there’s no doubting the calibre of the team that are making it.

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