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Dubai athlete Lee Ryan to attempt 24-hour treadmill record

Words by Nathan Irvine

Keep on running.

Having completed numerous marathons and incredible feats of endurance, Dubai athlete and Adidas Runners ambassador, Lee Ryan is doing something a bit different. Fresh off the back of the 100km run he did in his back garden in April '20, Ryan is taking on the 24-hour non-stop treadmill run record.

The official distance he aims to break is muscle searing 264.5km, which makes us feel jelly-legged just thinking about it.

We caught up with Ryan ahead of his attempt to find out about his favourite challenges, becoming an endurance athlete and more.

Ryan crossing the line during his previous world record attempt.

First question then, erm, why?

Right now, everyday motivation is a challenge within itself after all of the lockdowns and the stress to balance everything else. I have enjoyed the simplicity of just being able to go for a run. That's been my focus - to fall in love with running again. I did some challenges in lockdown to keep me focused and to try and inspire others. Like running a 42km marathon and then a week later running 100km in my 30m long garden. I've always needed a big goal to focus on and the next is no different, which is even scary to talk about! 24-hours non-stop on a treadmill with the aim to break the current world record of 264.5km.

Yikes. Out of all the challenges you've set yourself, which one are you most proud of and why?

There are many challenges that I am extremely proud of. Some didn’t go to plan, and they've had the most impact on things after.  Personally, I'd say smashing my marathon personal best in the Dubai Marathon 2020 and finishing in 2 hours 47 mins. But the one that will stick with me is breaking the world record for fastest marathon pushing a double stroller. I pushed both my daughters in the Dubai Marathon in 3 hours 27 mins. It was a finish line moment that will live with me forever. It was a perfect race.

Can you describe the moment you knew you could make it as an endurance athlete?

Great question, and to answer it... I don't know yet! Without sounding too cliché, endurance is a long process (no pun intended). A finish line can be the next start line for the next challenge or journey. Endurance sports can be lonely, so I suppose the moment I knew I wanted to be an endurance athlete is the moment I realised I enjoyed my own company.

In the best-selling book, Endure by Alex Hutchinson, there are a lot of theories about what separates the top athletes from mere mortals - what's your personal recipe for success?

What a great book. I have a simple recipe: discipline + consistency + fun + trusting in the process = success. And I'm always willing to learn too.

The book also covers how important the right clothing is to a great performance, how do you see this?

The right clothes are a massive confidence booster. Correct shoes and gear can give you a winning mentally before you've even stepped out of the door. It's something that soon becomes apparent physically when you need to perform. Getting outside and putting in the miles and even on the treadmill, I'm wearing the Adidas Heat.RDY range that helps me regulate my own temperature. I sweat a lot, so this has been a huge help and I can see it in the performance.

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