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Drake's Richard Mille watch cost how much?

Words by Nathan Irvine

Let's just say you could probably buy a house - or two - for the same price.

It's the casual way that Drake just reels off the price of his Richard Mille watch. He rolls back his sleeve, in the now viral video, to show off his rare timepiece. Then he coolly mentions its worth $750,000 (AED 2.7m) before quickly pointing to a couple of bracelets on his other wrist.

$750,000 and he barely skips a beat before swiftly moving on. Skip to 04:10 to see what we mean...

Richard Mille Drake's limited edition watch

So what's so special about this watch? Well, it's from luxury watchmaker Richard Mille, for a start. Only 30 of the RM 69s were ever made, which is why the price is so high.

The quirkiness of the ever changing messages on the watch face is another reason its so sought after. Though the phrases are, well, let's just say "risqué" and leave it at that.

And with the RM 69 now gaining notoriety thanks to Drake's casual introduction to the watch, we can't help but think the price of them are about to go even more stratospheric.

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