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Don't make these mistakes with sports injuries

Words by Nathan Irvine | Mr. Sami Chehade

Road to recovery

We've all been guilty of it at one point in time. We've managed to pick up an injury and instead of seeking medical attention and getting it fixed right away, we've tried to cure it ourselves. Truth is, this is only likely to prolong the agony for a little bit longer than necessary.

In fact, there are a fair few mistakes when it comes to correctly rehabilitating a sports injury. We spoke to Sami Chehade, physiotherapist at Dubai's Osteopathic Health Centre, to find out the most common mistakes we make when recuperating from injury.



Not sticking to regular checkups

Make sure to get an ultrasound as most injuries are visible under this imaging. Increasing the load on a healing injury is better to be coordinated with the weekly follow up ultrasound imaging and not on the patient's feeling or protocols. this is because the healing process is different from one patient to another depending on the age severity of injury diet, patient commitment to treatment and genetics.


Heading to the internet for medical advice

Looking up recovery exercises on the internet. Two similar injuries with two different patients can have a completely different origin, and totally different treatment plans. So looking for exercises from the internet can sometimes have the adverse effect.


Skipping your daily rehab treatment

Commitment to a rehab program is very good, but it shouldn't be restricted to the rehabilitation session. Treatment goes on in the body 24/7, so injuries should be respected throughout all the stages in our daily life and not only in the treatment room.


Trying to fight through the pain

A compensation for one injury can cause another one elsewhere in your body. This usually happens with lower body injuries or weight-bearing sites. Always try to avoid overloading another healthy part of the body to deload your injury.

For more information on sports injury rehabilitation contact the Osteopathic Health Centre, Dubai via phone (04 348 7366) and WhatsApp (056 547 1616).

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