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Cyclist in the Middle East? Now's the time to buy an indoor trainer

Words by Nathan Irvine

Tour de Living Room

OK, we get it. You live in the Middle East and you're currently enjoying the cool winter weather we're having right now. Nobody needs to be reminded of the white hot summer that's on the horizon. But think of this as a public service announcement. Cyclists, listen up... now is the time to buy an indoor trainer.

Sure, you're able to bust out the kilometres at any time of day without worrying about being burned to a crisp at the moment. But there's never been a better time to invest in a setup that can see you through the warmer months.

Why? Well, just a quick glance at buy and sell pages on Facebook or Dubizzle will reveal loads of cut price trainers. During the first Covid lockdown in early 2020, indoor trainer sales went through the roof. Manufacturers such as Wahoo couldn't build them quick enough to meet the demand. As with anything in short supply, some folk bought them up and slapped ludicrously expensive resale price tags.

However, it seems the black market bubble has burst and you can really grab a bargain right now.

Buyer's market

I still remember ringing around Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall and every bike shop in Dubai asking if they had stock last summer. But no joy. And the limited quantities that did come were incredibly expensive.

But wander around these same places now and they simply can't shift them. And that's why you're going to cash in right now.

Obviously, training or riding indoors isn't for everyone, but if you're like the millions of people that took up cycling during lockdown - like me - an indoor trainer will help keep you fit. And don't worry, apps such as Zwift and Rouvy will keep things interesting as they contain digitally recreated routes from around the world.

So go now, get yourself a great deal on an indoor trainer. Beside, you can always sell it off when winter rolls back around again.

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