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This cheese toastie could change your life

Words by Rob Chilton

Dreamy Australian comfort food at hip Dubai restaurant Lowe

Kate Christou is chef and F&B director at Lowe, the superb indie restaurant at Koa Canvas near Al Barari that makes you feel like you’re eating in Brooklyn. Along with head chef Jesse Blake, Christou is serving some of the best food in Dubai including the utterly addictive Vegemite and molten cheese toastie. After tasting it recently, EDGAR tracked down Christou in Australia and asked her to reveal the secrets of this epic dish.

Jesse Blake and Kate Christou

“When we opened Lowe we wanted to include a nod to back home on our opening menu, so we created the Vegemite and molten cheese toastie, a decadent version of a childhood favourite.

“Around three months after opening, we changed the menu and it didn’t make the cut. That unfortunately upset a lot of our customers so after two years we decided to bring it back!

Vegemite – an Australian staple

“In Australia, we grow up eating Vegemite on toast. It’s the ultimate comfort food – salty, slightly bitter, malty and full of umami - we eat it for breaky, when we are sick or when we come home from a big night, it is definitely one of our first food memories.

“While we traditionally eat Vegemite with a generous slather of butter on run-of-the-mill white bread, we have elevated the dish using organic sourdough baked locally by For The Love of Bread and adding a luxurious bechamel flavoured with four different cheeses.

Sourdough bread is used to make the hot sandwich

“To cut through the richness we serve the toastie with a house-pickled cucumber dusted in burnt onion powder. It’s finished with a sprinkle of espelette pepper – a subtle chilli powder with hints of peach and sea brine from the Basque region.”

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