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Bose Frames Tempo: 5 things you need to know

Words by Nathan Irvine

Music to your ears.

Bose is taking another crack at the sunglasses/speaker market. With the Bose Frames Tempo, the audio specialists have built a bespoke accessory that's specifically for outdoor pursuits.

Here are five things you need to know about them...

Bose They clamp on to your face gently and don't move during rigorous exercise.

1. They sound great

Probably the most important part of these new sunglasses, right? Thankfully, the sound clarity that comes from the built-in speakers is crystal clear. So whether you're listening to music or a podcast, you can pick out every word. The bass could be a little heavier, but considering the setup allows you to hear road noise or an onrushing peloton asking you to move, this can certainly be forgiven.

2. They're very comfortable

Looks can be deceiving. Although they appear chunky, they're surprisingly lightweight (49.89g) and snug. This is key for the Bose Frames Tempo as they're likely to be on your face for a long time during your outdoor pursuits. Even on 100km bike rides, I barely felt like I was wearing them.

3. The battery lasts a long time

Eight hours of consecutive play on one charge, to be precise. So unless you're running the Marathon des Sables (if so, go you), the Tempos will provide the soundtrack to your efforts from start to finish.

4. They're very good sunglasses too

There's no point stuffing cutting edge technology into a pair of sunglasses if they can't perform their primary task. So you'll be pleased to know that the polarised lenses here won't allow the sun to burn your retinas out. Even out in the middle of the desert, without a cloud in sight, the Tempos keep your eyes protected well.

5. The built-in mics are excellent

The previous version of Bose Frames, I found, were a bit sketchy when it came to speaking on a call. "I can't hear you properly" or "Hello, are you still there?" were common responses. But the Tempo appears to have fixed this and you will come through loud and clear if you really must answer that phone call.

Bose Frames Tempo are in stores now and available for RRP AED 1,049.

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