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“Big parties, stunts and beautiful women” – welcome to the world of Philipp Plein

Words by Rob Chilton

The German fashion designer doesn’t do subtle

Rather than come in an understated glass bottle, Philipp Plein's new men's fragrance is dispensed in a 1 trillion black credit card and is, according to the brand message, “a borderless invitation for Philipp Plein’s tribe and millennials all over the world to step into his excessive, hedonistic, unlimited high-voltage life.” And you thought it was just a fragrance. The card’s membership denotes Plein’s 1978 birth year, while the chip acts as the spray cap. Made by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, No Limit$ eau de parfum is spicy, woody and leathery with notes of black pepper, cardamom and bourbon vanilla. The fantastically flamboyant Plein spoke to EDGAR about adventure, dreams and living his brand 24/7.

You once said, “I live the brand.” Does that ever get exhausting?

I am the brand! So if I ever get exhausted by living it, then I should quit.

You are very much front and centre of your company. Was that always the plan or did it evolve that way?

I entered the fashion industry by chance and the only plan season by season was to grow and make beautiful things. I crave action, I love being creative and I am very involved in every single process, from design to sale. Being so involved in everything made the brand reflect myself and my lifestyle so this was inevitable.

Do you sometimes feel self-conscious at being so visible?

Since I live the brand I must get my hands a little bit dirty. I actually look for a direct interaction with my followers. I receive many messages of appreciation and support from customers and friends from all over the world and this is really motivating.

Plein with German photographer Ellen von Unwerth

How do you escape work?

I’ve always worked a lot, but that never bothered me at all. It actually gave me the energy to move on and build my business. I always feel that I am at the beginning of my career, I am still young and there is still so much I want to do.

Have you always been super confident?

It’s part of me, this is how I am. I am a dreamer rather than a confident person, it’s different. I stick to my vision and go for it, against any possible odds. I don’t believe in luck, I believe in hard work and if you don’t pursue your ideas firmly you cannot succeed.

Paris Hilton walks the runway with the designer

Your success has been very rewarding financially. What do you love to spend your money on?

I don’t have so much free time; I spend money on houses, fast cars and watches – but most of all to make my girlfriend happy! At the moment my big investment is my LA mansion, Chateaux Falconview in Beverly Hills, which should be ready in 2020/2021. I am beyond excited, it’s my dream house.

This new eau de parfum - what does it smell like to you?

Sex, money, energy and muscles, it’s the parfum of success. I love it, it’s so good.

What inspired you to make it?

I always dreamed to make a parfum but I am a perfectionist and I never really found the right partner or the right moment. When I met Alberto [Morillas, master perfumer] I immediately realised that we were creating something great.

Plein's SS20 show riffed on Mad Max

The credit card bottle – was that your idea?

Yes! I like to create worlds of incredible experiences for my customers, like my fashion shows. A limitless credit card represents an entire world of possibilities for successful men with great dreams and fantasies.

What do you make of Alberto after working with him on this fragrance?

Alberto is a genius, a winner, he has a gift for putting together fragrances that are emotional and iconic. Generally, you do many tests before putting together the final juice, but he understood my vision and my brand perfectly. To collaborate with the best nose in the industry is an honour. When I first had the chance to smell the fragrance I was blown away.

Plein's fragrance comes in a credit card bottle

What does No Limit$ say to you?

It’s a lifestyle, a way of thinking: you dream big and live fully. It captures a world where everything is possible, from meetings all over the world to big parties, to stunt actions and beautiful women – an ideal world that’s fun and full of adventures.

What do you hope to achieve with this new fragrance?

I wanted to give my customers the chance to taste my world and smell like me, literally! I never stop – this is just the beginning.

NO LIMIT$ EDP 50ml is priced at AED 322

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