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The Batman trailer: 12 things we noticed

Words by Nathan Irvine

Bat's back, baby.

After a wait that has felt like forever, The Batman teaser trailer has finally arrived. Robert Pattinson is the man under the mask this time out in what appears to be an even darker telling of the Dark Knight than Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

Although the trailer (below) is super-cut to not give away too much, there are clues and easter eggs stuffed away in there. You just have to look hard enough. Or you could just have a quick look at these 12 things that we noticed during our repeated viewings. Enjoy.

1. It's dark

Both in terms of tone and the actual footage. This isn't a gritty reboot, but The Batman is geared towards a far more serious side to Dark Knight.

2. There's a new Jim Gordon

Jeffry Wright (Westworld) to be exact. He's one of our favourite actors and already looks the part as Commissioner Gordon.

3. The Riddler is more menacing than ever

Jim Carrey's camp take on the classic villain is a distant memory. Instead there's this really creepy looking serial killer in his place that's not being played for laughs.

4. Bruce Wayne has gone goth

From his floppy, My Chemical Romance hair, to the dark eye makeup he has on when he wears the mask, there's a distinct goth-like look to new Batters.

5. It's about corruption

All the paraphernalia around the murder victims room centre on politics. Specifically, Mayor Don Mitchell Jr. There are rumours that the Wayne family are implicated too.

6. Andy Serkis has got a Lock, Stock cock-er-ney accent

Although we never see the new Albert, we do hear his voice and it sounds like it's been lifted straight from a Guy Ritchie movie.

7. Catwoman is there

Well, Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz) who becomes Catwoman is. It shows the young feline starting out with her stealth robberies and also having a little dust up with Batman too.

8. Colin Farrell looks almost unrecognisable

Blink and you'll miss it, but the Irish actor plays pre-Penguin Oswald Cobblepot. It certainly feels like The Batman is lining up its super-villains for a series of movies.

9. Batman seems far more vulnerable

Walking amongst regular folk in his pseudo-homemade suit gives off an air of vulnerability. Plus, he has a bit of a push and shove with some policemen and generally looks pretty sad.

10. ... but also more vicious than ever

There's added meaning in the way he deals with a gang member. A few extra crispy punches are delivered that would have an MMA ref diving across the downed opponent to spare him more punishment.

11. The new Batmobile looks like something out of The Fast and The Furious

It really looks like something a hobbyist could create their garage. Well, apart from the incredible jet engine on the back.

12. Is that a Joker gang?

It's anyone's guess right now, but some of the painted faced goons that Batman comes up against have very similar markings as Heath Ledger's Joker.

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