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Bare DXB: The Dubai gym where burning calories is fun

Words by Nathan Irvine

Bare DXB's TJ Gray and Dylan Eiffe explain what the Dubai gym is all about, the challenges through Covid-19 times and more.

When opening a new gym in the UAE, you've got to do something different. It's a packed marketplace that has seen even the biggest chains fall under the weight of expectation. The folks at Bare DXB - the Nike affiliated space - feel they have the formula to avoid the same fate.

We sat down with Bare DXB's TJ Gray and Dylan Eiffe to find out how it plans to stay ahead of the game in these troubling times.

On the Bare DXB difference...

We are the best part of your day. Visiting most gyms is a chore. We turn that on its head to become a sanctuary where our clients can escape their worries and life pressures, and walk away feeling physically stronger and mentally lighter.

We have an amazing community at Bare. You will always see our members vibing with each other and welcoming in first timers. It is really quite special to see as usually a lot of gyms are quite an intimidating place to step into.

On the successful workout approach with its members...

We’re their happy place. We’re a community space where we offer you an hour of not being a professional, responsible being. Where you can come as you are, to work through whatever you’re facing that day and emerge feeling stronger and inspired.

If it’s not fun, and doesn’t actually work, what’s the point? Our workouts are the most effective in the world for a reason, Bare’s killer signature workout burns up to 1,000 calories per session - delivering HIIT with treadmills and weights. No two workouts are ever the same and are projected onto the wall so they're easy to understand and follow. Zero experience is needed.

The combination of the crazy party vibe and pumping playlists keeps everyone’s energy at an all-time high carrying them through to the end of the workout.

Tag Heuer and Nike are key sponsors of the space.

On operating during unprecedented times...

Going to zero revenue overnight was a killer blow to the business. We have been incredibly excited to get back open, but all the social distancing precautions is making it difficult for us to make Bare what we had before we had to close. It has been a slow start, with many clients being cautious about coming back into the gym despite us having the highest of safety protocols in order to keep everyone safe.

On keeping its members safe...

We pride ourselves on having the absolute highest COVID safety standards of any Dubai fitness facility. We have architected the flow of each person’s visit under the assumption that someone can come in with COVID, and it will not be possible for them to infect anyone else. There is absolutely no sharing of any equipment or training spaces, with these being sanitised by a commercial fogging machine between each class with the highest-grade disinfectant. In addition to this, each client has their own disinfectant spray on the space, which they also spray their own equipment down both pre and post class. All clients have been incredibly supportive and understanding of what we’re having to ask of them in order to stay safe.

We are also of course following all government requirements such as temperature checking and hand sanitisation upon entry. Masks must be worn at all times until everyone is in their designated training space. We have socially distanced spaces where our clients can stand while they are being briefed on the workout. Training spaces are 2.5 metres away from each other too.

On future plans for Bare DXB...

Currently we're in survival mode, with most fitness business struggling to turn a profit. We fear this will remain the case until restrictions begin to be lifted. However, the wellness industry is predicted to boom more than ever post-COVID as people have a newfound appreciation of selfcare, health and fitness. We have an optimistic road ahead and are opening an additional Bare Club in January 2021.

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