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Asus Zenbook Pro Duo is the future of laptops

Words by Edgar Daily

The laptop of tomorrow is available today.

The “laptop of tomorrow” is quite the statement to make. In a field that is overflowing with new tech features on a daily basis, the hubris from Asus is outstanding. But then again, with its ZenBook Pro Duo, the outlandish claim is actually true.

From here, all manufacturers will follow Asus’s lead. Its latest laptop is the perfect replacement to your dusty old desktop computer and is packed with bleeding edge technology that will no doubt become the industry norm.

Double down

It’s the dual-screen you’ll notice first. Up top you’ve got a touchscreen OLED 4K display that offers exceptional clarity whether you’re playing games, watching movies or simply tapping up a Word document. The keyboard is shifted downwards to make room for another massive to touchscreen. Think Apple’s Macbook taskbar, but on digital steroids.

The second screen – known as Screenpad Plus – is a convenient place to open your everyday apps in a place that’s easily accessible. Open Spotify, for example, and you can flick through playlists without minimising the windows on the main display. It can even act as an extension of the big screen so you can see more of a webpage split across both.

Even if you’ve been perfectly happy with your current single-screen laptop, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the ZenBook Pro Duo’s setup before. It’s going to be a game-changer for video streamers who can now film, switch camera angles and interact with their audiences all at once. And even better for those of us that edit footage or music with the likes of Adobe Premiere and Audition, as you have more space for editing tools.

Asus The sleek design is great.

Lovin' it

What we love most about the ZenBook Pro Duo is how well it makes use of the space beyond the screens. The trackpad doubles as a traditional keyboard’s number pad. Numeric symbols glow up from the blank space for that futuristic look.

You’re able to use both touchscreens with the pen too. This means you can doodle on either, and have your main apps open on the other.

It also has a signature Asus hinge that elevates the typing position to a more ergonomic angle. Just open it up and it smoothly locks into position. This also allows the fans to work unrestricted, so the top-spec hardware doesn’t overheat.

What’s under the bonnet is as equally impressive as the multiple screens. There are two versions – one that comes with the Intel i7 processor or for more grunt, the Intel i9. The latter means you’re getting top of the range processing power for a swift and intuitive user experience.

And with 32GB of RAM and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, your gaming sessions will be taken to the next level.

At 2.5kg, the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo isn’t exactly light, which a laptop should be, right? But then again, this is the type of machine to replace your old desktop equipment – so it’s transportability between rooms is actually a big plus.

Once you’ve tested out the dual-screen goodness you’re going to find it very hard to go back to your usual machine. Expect to see the ZenBook Pro Duo mimicked over the next few years as companies go in search of their own “laptop of tomorrow”. But for now, the new standard in top quality laptops belongs to Asus.

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo is available for pre-order for AED 13,999 at leading UAE retailers.

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