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ROG Zephyrus ACRNM G14: Fashion meets technology

Words by Edgar Daily

Fashion meets technology.

ROG - or Republic Of Gamers - has consistently set the benchmark for gaming hardware since its inception in 2006. In terms of power and raw speed, its laptops and desktop units have been keeping players ahead of the game for years. And while the guts of these machines have been flexing their prowess, year-on-year, ROG has also delivered the most eye-catching computers around. The ROG Zephyrus ACRNM (read: Acronym) G14 is the latest evolution on this front.

ROG has teamed up with iconic German apparel brand Acronym for a bespoke laptop. Lead by Errolson Hugh, the fashion house's principal stylist, the ACRNM G14 is served up in an eye-catching style that's sure to draw envious looks.

Slim, sleek and powerful.

In the game

It's not the first time, Acronym has dabbled in the video game sphere. It recently produced the in-game clothing for global hit, Death Stranding, which it then brought to life in the real world and sold out of the products almost instantly. The $1,900 jackets from the game were snapped up almost as soon as they went live.

Acronym also dabbled with the Nike Vapormax in a recent collaboration, which were - again - very well received. So this partnership with ROG makes perfect sense.

What you'll realise straight away is the unique look of the keyboard. The satisfying keystrokes that are synonymous with ROG machines are styled out with splash of colour and the "A" logo from Acronym is on each key. Yes, it's slightly jarring to use the keyboard at first as everything looks like an A, but your muscle memory will kick in soon enough to overcome this.

Around the back of the screen there's a pink LED diagonal line through an otherwise black panel. Again, it's another striking fixture of the unit.

Under the hood

Although there are a number of logos and etching strewn across the ROG Zephyrus ACRNM G14, it's not just a pretty face. It's running on the much lauded G14 spec, which means that in terms of an optimised gaming experience, you're not going to find much - if anything - that's better.

The 14" inch WQHD screen will make your games appear stunning. Or your spreadsheets and word documents - well, as stunning as these mundane things can be. And at just 1.7kg, it's a gaming laptop that you won't have to break your back to carry around.

In short, the ROG Zephyrus ACRNM G14 is the complete package. It's got the power to deliver an amazing gaming experience and the style to keep fashionistas in vogue.

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