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Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA makes a dramatic comeback

Words by Nathan Irvine

A legend returns.

Alfa Romeo has dropped a bombshell and is reintroducing its Giulia GTA. The gorgeous sportscar is based on the original 1965 Gran Turismo Alleggerita (GTA), but with a host of modern day twists.

There are 540 horses under the hood that will propel this Bi-Turbo powered vehicle along at breakneck speeds. But why would you want to drive so fast in something so beautiful. We'd be crawling along at 20kmh just so everyone could get a look at our new purchase.

More grunt

Brilliantly, Alfa Romeo has also announced that there will be a GTAm. This version removes the rear seats and replaces them with a rollbar and a place to store your racing helmet which - as you may have guessed - means it was meant to go fast. However, it is 100% street legal, which means you can fly down the byways and highways as well as a closed circuit.

The GTA and GTAm is limited to just 500 vehicles - instantly turning them into collectors items. Should you be lucky enough to bag one, you'll get a racing helmet and Alpinestars race suit, gloves and shoes to complete your race driver look.

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