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Adidas opens a pop-up ZXience museum in Dubai

Words by Nathan Irvine

Cutting-edge ZXience

Adidas Originals is going big with the launch of its new ZX 2K sneaker. The hyper-creative strand of the German sportswear giant has built the Oddly ZXatisfying Museum in Dubai Design District (D3) for guests to immerse themselves in the world of the ZX.

How does this immersion work? Well, the museum - open October 2-3 2pm-10pm - is a series of stations that touch on the ZXience, or "science", that goes into every shoe. Slime, kinetic sand and the tingly ASMR zone will pull you into Adidas Originals world and ignite your senses. Or something like that.

An overview of the ZXience museum

Art attack

Obviously, no museum is complete without some art on the walls, and Adidas has this covered too. Specially designed pieces capture the uniqueness of the ZX sneaker, which gives the museum a blast of colour.

Oh, and don't be worried about any Covid-19 related problems at the pop-up. Adidas has a walk-through sanitisation booth and strict social distancing rules so you can enjoy the exhibit in a safe and sound environment.

And of course, once your senses have lulled into a sense of complete relaxation, you'll be more likely to drop AED 599 on a pair of kicks as you leave.

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