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Actually, the Tesla Cybertruck looks good

Words by Nathan Irvine

Covering all angles.

OK, we admit it. I sniggered along with the masses when Elon Musk and Tesla unveiled its new, angular Cybertruck. The internet was quickly full of memes poking fun at the failed window test and the low-polygon count that the vehicle seems to be made of.

"It looks like a retro video game car" was my instant thought - wondering how anyone would want to buy one. But as the dust has settled, and more images of the Cybertruck have surfaced, I've changed my mind. I'm all in on it.

Beauty is in the eye of... etc, etc

It won't be everyone's favourite pickup truck to look at, but it will always turn heads.

The aggressive angles represent the futuristic vehicles that the sci-fi movies of my childhood always told me would be real.

My more mature, cynical side lead me to believe it Cybertruck was a joke, but it carries a level of innovation that's severely lacking in the motor industry. Plus, the boot can fold out into a makeshift cooking station is the stuff of dreams.

As soon as the truck launches in 2021, Sheikh Zayed Road and the local mall parking lots will be chock full of these sharp looking beasts.

And it's not just on the outside that counts. The top-end version of the electric-powered Cybertuck can outstrip a Porsche 911 and race to 100km/h in an eye-blistering 2.9 seconds.

I'm not laughing anymore at this curious looking vehicle - I'm now hovering over the pre-order button.

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