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A Dubai tailor is weaving gold and diamonds into suits

Words by Nathan Irvine

A level of luxury we never knew we needed.

Sometimes it's not enough to simply have a bespoke suit crafted around your frame. Those meticulous measurements, cuts and craftsmanship is all very well and good, but sometimes you need... more. You know, an extra level of luxury that will top off your new suit? Well, that's where Dubai-based tailor, Kachins can help you out.

The newly-launched Treasure Box collection weaves fragments of gold and diamonds right into your suit. Why? Well, why not?

Supplied A box containing a sample of the cloth.

Glitter bug

It's all made possible by British fabric experts, Scabal. Kachins then take the super-soft and incredibly light Super 150 merino wool, luxurious shards and all, then craft a suit of the highest order. The best part? Under the right light your new outfit will subtly shimmer and really catch the eye of those around you.

Kachins will build you one in either midnight blue, anthracite grey or shades of black with gold flecks. Just head to any of its stores across the UAE for a glimpse at the fanciest cloth you're likely to see. Prices - obviously - are available upon request.

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