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2021 Range Rover Evoque review

Words by Nathan Irvine

British bulldog

We’re still surprised how quickly legendary carmaker Range Rover managed to capture the luxury mid-sized SUV market. It was 2011 when the Evoque, a sort of squashed version of its much bigger, more iconic 4x4s, rolled down the production line. And since that eyebrow raising moment in automotive history, the car has become a must-have luxury vehicle.

A decade on and the shape has barely changed from the first one, but the 2021 Range Rover Evoque has added subtle tweaks to keep it ahead of the curve with its competitors. The luxurious interiors, for example, that’s full of welcoming leather and a clean and crisp infotainment screen slap bang in the middle. It’s a super-clean and uncomplicated approach that really pays off. We also really love the three touchscreen options you get that then open up in widescreen fashion to show the sat-nav, latest music track and the like.

Outside, the accents of the brushed copper that appear on the vents really lift the overall black-on-black colour scheme and makes the Evoque even easier on the eye. It really is a head turner.

Specifications of vehicle tested Range Rover Evoque R-Dynamic HSE (from AED 343,875)


2.0 litre I4


246 bhp


9-speed automatic

0-100 kmh

7.6 seconds

Top Speed

241 kmh


From AED 183,435

Ready to rumble

In motion, the 2021 Range Rover Evoque is surprisingly angry. Driving along at slow speeds, the high revs make it clear that it wants to race off into the distance. Like a dog at its favourite park that can’t wait to be unleashed. When you do stick your foot down, it doesn’t disappoint.

Even when it’s not in Sport mode, the 2021 Range Rover Evoque chews up the asphalt effortlessly. It barely breaks a sweat as it accelerates and manages to maintain a steady, comfortable ride as it goes. There’s only the slightest bit of roll when it comes to cornering, but not enough to make you feel you’re about to hop up on two wheels at any point. Overall, the drive is deeply satisfying with quick and nimble steering that’s perfect for city slickers.

One slight downside is the room inside. The Range Rover Evoque has never been the most spacious car around, but it’s still worth noting 2021 version is still a bit of squeeze to fit fully grown adults or small kids and their seats into the back. This is certainly something to consider if you’ve got a small family/non-driving mates.

In general, though, this 2021 Range Rover Evoque maintains its place at the top table of luxury SUVs. With subtle upgrades throughout that make for a more safe, exciting and comfortable drive, the latest Evoque is better than ever. And given its increasing popularity, that’s not a surprise.

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