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2021 Ford F-150 review

Words by Nathan Irvine

Family fun

With each iteration of the Ford F-150 truck, the more I’m convinced that it’s a great shout for one of the best family cars around. The ample space across the back seats easily fits a number of child seats. Obviously, the back can fit any number of grocery bags, bikes, camping equipment, suitcase for a staycation… the list goes on. Add to this the fact that it’s built to survive a nuclear blast, it’ll keep you and your loved ones incredibly safe. Yep, the Ford F-150 is much more than a utility vehicle. And this 2021 version just confirms the notion.

The new F-150 comes in a number of flavours. For those that still demand a guttural roar, there’s the classic V8 version. But for those looking to save the planet, there’s a full hybrid Powerboost V6, like the one we’ve been behind the wheel of recently. Switch on the engine, and you’ll barely hear a thing. The F-150 hums into life, and you barely hear a sound. Such is the quietness of the engine when it starts, we genuinely thought it was still off when we fired it up. Of course, you’ll still get some grunt out of it at high speeds, but it really does shift along without so much as a whisper at times.

Supplied As much fun offroad as it is on it

In Pictures. Inside the 2021 Ford F-150

Photos. Ford Middle East


Supplied All the info you need


Supplied All the info you need


Supplied The shifter will go to sleep in its bed


Supplied A cavernous space in the cockpit


Supplied A cavernous space in the cockpit


Supplied Buttons and gadgets for days

Supplied Conquer the sands

King of the road

Looking around from the throne like position behind the wheel, this latest F-150 has all but eliminated blind spots thanks to its numerous windows. Pop open the enormous sunroof shade and it’s like driving around in a fish bowl – you won’t miss a thing… not even that car performing an illegal undertaking move.

Staying inside the cabin, there’s a wealth of buttons and levers to play with. All mod-cons are as you’d expect, chief of which is the massive central console screen. It connects to Apple Carplay in an instant and delivers all manner of information back to the driver. There’s also a little button that sees the gear shifter sink into a little bed so you can work on a laptop in a layby or enjoy a tray of takeaway food without it burning your lap. It’s up to you. One of our favourite new features is the exceptional B&O sound system that makes the whole truck feel like a mobile disco.

Supplied The automatic tailgate mechanism is a delight



3.5l V6 Hybrid Powerboost


430 bhp


10-speed automatic

0-100 kmh

5.3 seconds

Top Speed

172 kmh (limited)


From AED 189,900

Up to speed

Although the Raptor is still the fastest version of the F-150s, the Powerboost V6 is no slouch either. In fact, the extra boost it gets from the hybrid engine puts it at 430 bhp, which is more powerful than the V8 (400 bhp). What this translates to is a seriously fast truck – 0-100 kmh in 5.3 seconds with a top speed of 160 kmh. And it certainly feels quick as it gallops up to speed and you’re thrown back into your seat.

There’s no sign of the F-150’s popularity in the region dimming any time soon. The 2021 F-150 simply builds on its solid foundations and delivers a truck that’s tough, reliable and a joy to drive. Those without kids will enjoy it just as much, but this latest F-150 really is one of the best family-friendly vehicles around.

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