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2020 VW Touareg R-Line review

Words by Nathan Irvine

Star tech.

It might be strange to hear this, but some of our favourite moments in the new VW Touareg R-Line was when it was parked. That's not to say isn't fun to drive - we'll get to that shortly - but sitting inside and discovering new gadgets and buttons to fiddle with was genuinely exciting.

The only comparison we can think of is when you get a new smartphone. You sit there, locked in, just messing about with the features and working out what they all do. The VW Touareg R-Line is this but on big scale. Every time we got behind the wheel we'd discover new tech stuff to play with.

But how is this mid-size SUV overall? Let's begin...

A new dawn for the VW Touareg.



3.0L TFSI V6






8 speed AT

0-100 kmh

6.1 seconds

Top speed

235 kmh


AED 242,444


The 2020 VW Touareg R-Line is incredibly roomy. Sure, you'd expect this from what is essentially a family car, but it's still worth noting. The inside is a mix of soft leathers and sporty accents that combine for a far more luxurious standard for the Touareg.

And then we get to the in-car playthings. There's a decent shout that this could easily have been a tech review. VW has gone all out to introduce huge wow features such as the massive HD screen that is activated by hand gestures. And neat, understated touches such as the doors automatically closing shut if you leave it slightly ajar.

Not only are the seats able to blow hot and cold air directly on to you, they're also equipped with massage tech. There are a bunch of settings that you can choose from to really get into your knotted areas, which, again, is another reason to just sit inside while idle.

There's a wifi hotspot for on-the-go internet access. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto work seamlessly via USB connection. A charge plate for said smartphones is also a welcome addition. The seats can be fully customised and memorise your seating position and preferences when you switch on the engine. And there's a whole lot more to discover too.

In Pictures. 2020 VW Touareg R-Line



It's certainly a looker.


It's certainly a looker.


The R Line standard means its incredibly quick.


It's roomy enough for all the family.


It's roomy enough for all the family.


Hitting the dusty highway.


Squint and you'll see the silhouette of a Bentley Bentayga.


Squint and you'll see the silhouette of a Bentley Bentayga.


It's a pleasure to drive wherever you'd like.


VW has shaved off the more rounded finish of previous models to deliver an aggressive looking 2020 Touareg. The pouting chrome grille is the first sign that this new model means business. And it had to change.

Previous Touaregs may have been on a par in terms of power and tech with its rivals such as the Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5, but it wasn't as desirable. At least until now. The subtle tweaks to the body manage to shake off the "family taxi" tag.

Ideal for everyday commutes as it's fun to drive.


As we alluded to, the 2020 VW Touareg R-Line is a fun drive. In fact, it's excellent. There's a satisfying lurch forward when you put your foot down that gives a superb sense of speed down the straights. And we're impressed with its ability to handle sharp corners without flinging us from side-to-side - a problem a lot of its competitors suffer from.

It's quiet too. Apart from the roar of the exhausts as you engage the sport mode, you can barely hear a squeak from the outside world, which makes long distance drives a joy.

There are a bunch of driving aids to help you on your way too. A 360 degree camera will help you park and notify you of any incoming people or vehicles as you move out. It has a night vision mode to identify movements in the dark.

It also has one of the most overoficious lane assists we've ever encountered. Now we know it's there to help, but there were some occasions where we were gently changing lanes and it would try to wrestle us back.

Cutting edge curves to match the tech inside.

Sure, the in-car entertainment has one too many menus to navigate on-the-move and the hefty price tag is hard to swallow, but the VW Touareg R-Line is an excellent package. And one that we'd happily just sit around in while it's parked outside our house.

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